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About The Harvey Group

The Harvey Group was founded in 2001 as a B2B Lead Generation provider. Over the years, we have found thousands of well-qualified Leads for our clients, and within many different industries. This experience has enabled us to develop a highly effective technique for using the telephone and emails as prospecting tools.  

In addition to our Lead Generation expertise, The Harvey Group also has proven experience within the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) community, in terms of helping this market segment obtain and implement cost effective web-based computing products, to achieve their desired business results. 

In all cases with new clients, we have them complete a New Client Questionnaire, which has been carefully designed to help them articulate their specific business goals and objectives. The results of this Questionnaire will drive the specific program for that client. 

Industries The Harvey Group is familiar would include:

- Finance
- Manufacturing
- Retail
- Wholesale/Distribution
- Services
- Health Care
- Not for Profit
- Construction